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Radical Creatures Sticker Sheets


When you want more anti-diet in your life, a sheet of Radical Creatures stickers might just be what the doctor ordered… 

…Let’s take a moment to imagine how helpful it would be if more doctors offered anti-diet ideas instead of weight loss?! 🤔 

Right, back to the stickers…

Stick them to your mirror to remind yourself how incredible you are.

Stick them on all your stuff.

Stick them on your cat (ok maybe not - unless they like that!).

Stick them up around town for some stealth anti-diet advocacy 🔥

Stick ‘em everywhere!


  • Weather-proof vinyl stickers (5 kiss cut stickers per sheet)


  • Sheet 150mm x 100mm
  • Individual sticker lengths range from approx. 35mm to 80mm

Please note:

This creation has been designed for you in the Radical Creatures studio on Wadawurrung country.

Due to the nature of printing processes, there may be some colour variance between your screen or monitor and the physical product. This means colours may vary slightly across batches.

I invite you to keep all this in mind when purchasing 😊

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great quality, and perfect for my laptop. Cute and educational. 😄

I absolutely adore this product!

You can tell when you receive the product that so much thought and care has gone into it. Everything from the compostable packaging, to the gorgeous branding both inside and outside the pack, to the exciting the little trinkets and freebies, and even the pouch they come in which is so beautiful I'll definitely be keeping and reusing it. These stickers are awesome and empowering. They really brighten my day to see them. I really appreciate Laura's dedication to making the world a kinder, more accepting place. I'll definitely be shopping again soon!